Saturday, March 30, 2013

Catch Up Time

Well, my goodness. Time has sure flown since my last post hasn't it? Almost five months! Please accept my most humble apologies but we've been rather busy.

There have been holidays and celebrations that are just too numerous to mention. But one thing that happened that I'm simply tickled about is Ms. Patty and Mr. K are now one. Yes, my pretties, they were married on February 2, 2013. Meow!

Mr. K surprised Ms. Patty by proposing to her in December, right before Christmas. Oh, we've all been just thrilled about their tying the knot! Their celebration was at a local Italian restaurant (I wasn't invited, imagine the feast I would have enjoyed!) with their closest family members and best friends. Their ceremony was a Celtic one called hand-fasting, you'll have to Google it, it's quite interesting. Their rings are beautiful, with Celtic designs and Ms. Patty's has a pretty square diamond with two emeralds on either side going down the band.

Well, you can read more about them at Ms. Patty's blog. This is my blog and I have something to say.

Ms. Patty has been using me. Yes, using me. How? Photographing me while I'm asleep. She knows I don't like to have my picture taken, especially if I haven't had time to groom myself and look my very best.

I give her nudgies by pressing my forehead against her chin - repeatedly, I rub against her leg with my silky fur, I talk to her about my day when she gets home. I even offer to lick her dinner plate clean, Mr. K's too! And all I ask is that she allow me to look beautiful when she photographs me.

She's been participating in a photo a day challenge and she used me in her latest photo. Why, I didn't even know she had taken the picture until last night when she was on the computer and I saw myself! Oh, I let her know I was upset by meowing at the screen and touching the keyboard but she didn't understand. I ran off and curled up in my bed by the heat vent behind the couch. I was so embarrassed.

Ms. Patty came and found me and explained that people loved how I looked in the photo. That I was pretty and adorable, and that I should be flattered by their compliments. Well, I looked at it again and you know what? I do look purrtty hot. Meow...

Ms. Patty: Stella, I'm going to put your picture out here if you don't mind, 
since it seems you like it after all. It is a rather pretty one of you. 

Stella: Yes, Ms. Patty, you may. 

Ms. Patty: I love you, Stella.

Stella: I love you too, Mommy.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Cativersary, Stella!

This post is being written by Stella's mommy, Ms. Patty.

I adopted Stella two years ago today from the Oak Knoll Animal Hospital in St Louis Park. When I first met her she was pregnant with a litter of kittens and she didn't have a name. Stella was brought to the animal hospital by a police officer, she'd been in a bit of scuffle with another cat in a park (and subsequently also bit one of the officers).

Stella says: I did not 'scuffle', Ms. Patty, I was attempting to remove an evil feline from the park. And therefore, defending myself as she was quite a hussy about it.

Whatever works for you, Stella, darling.

Stella remained with the one of the staff members through the birthing and weaning of her kittens. She had 5 gorgeous babies on September 8, 2010. One girl and four boys. All just sweet as pie. Well, Harley was questionable in that regard, still sweet, but full of mischief. Her daughter had a sweetheart shaped face, then there were the twins and finally, Blacky. (I don't believe these are their names now, but at the time that was what they were referred to - at least by me.)

The day I picked Stella up from Oak Knoll, she was recovering from surgery. She'd been spayed, had a chip implanted, and her front paws declawed. She was quite lovable from the start, and ever since that day I have adored her. And now Mr. K adores her, too. We're so lucky to have such a loving, fun, vocal (um, that can come down just a tidge, Stella, we'd appreciate it and still love you just as much, if not more!), and oh, so entertaining feline.

My thanks once again to the fabulous staff at Oak Knoll for caring for Stella and her babies, and a special thank you for Vicki, for letting me know you had a cat that needed a home and that she thought Stella was perfect for me. You were spot on, Ms. Vicki, big hugs to you! (Stella says thank you to everyone as well, meow!)

Here is a mosaic of Stella with her babies. The top photo on the right are the twins, the middle photo shows Blacky and Stella's beautiful girl, and the bottom photo is the mischievous one, Harley. (Click photo to view larger,)

Happy Cativersary, Stella!!

Ms. Patty

Monday, September 17, 2012

Gone For the Entire Weekend

Ms. Patty & Mr. K went away for the weekend and left me all by myself. No one to visit me, no one to play with. I was so sad!

Ok, that's not entirely true. Cousin Lisa stopped by for a bit and gave me some food and played with me. The funny thing is? She didn't know about the food dispenser that would feed me at dinner time and she fed me like she thought I hadn't gotten a meal yet. So I got fed an extra time on Saturday!

Comment inserted by Ms. Patty - "Stella, darling - a little secret for you. We (you, Mr. K and myself) all need to cut back on how much we eat. In case you aren't aware of it you've put on a few ounces <Mr. K - more like a pound or so, actually.>. So enjoy what that extra treat felt like because things are about to change. Love you, Mommy."

Well, it WAS fun so I shall enjoy a bit longer.

What else has been happening? Oh, the bird!! We got a bird! It chirps, it bounces around and it's so much fun to chase down the stairs. Then I carry it back up in my mouth. I'm really loving this new toy. Want to see?

Oh, I should add that the times I'm grooming myself I'm doing so because I need to. Ms. Patty and Mr K seem to think I shouldn't do that. I think they feel I can't concentrate on what I'm doing at the time if I'm always grooming. But my coat is special, you see. It's almost like silk so I have to stay on it all the time. Do ignore the number of times I stop to groom myself in the video, it's part and parcel of who I am. So there.

Comment inserted by Ms. Patty - "At least in the video we didn't announce those moments as we usually do by saying 'Grooming Moment!!' There were simply too many, Stella, darling."

Well, I leave you with this video and I promise to be back again sooner rather than later. I've been so very lax on keeping up with my blogging. Do forgive me.